Whitemoney is Always Pleasing Pere

Queen, a Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, stated that Whitemoney tries to impress Pere all the time, but the latter doesn’t notice.

Following the incident she had with Pere while protecting Whitemoney, Queen stated this to Angel on Saturday, day 42 of the program.

Queen mentioned in a discussion about the fight that Whitemoney always attempts to please Pere by providing him a larger plate of food.

“I’ll cook, and Whitemoney will give me one piece of meat, but Pere will get two,” she explained. He’ll even bring a large amount of food and declare, “This one is for Pere.” He makes an attempt to please Pere, but Pere does not notice. When someone does not like you, you cannot make them like you. You just need to keep your distance because it wasn’t that person who took you into Big Brother’s house.”

Angel’s input focused on Pere’s behaviour during the recent altercation, which she attempted to resolve.

“Even when we tried to talk, he shouted at us to stay quiet,” Angel explained. We were attempting to defend him. I’m not going to say anything else until he uses someone as a foot mat.”

During Pere’s initial confrontation with Whitemoney, the latter declared that he would “kill” Pere with love even if it was not returned.

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