Whitemoney, Cross and Doyin Says Ilebaye of Manipulation

Whitemoney, Cross and Doyin Says Ilebaye of Manipulation

The tumultuous atmosphere within the All Stars house has escalated dramatically, with Cross deciding to confide in KimOprah about his growing suspicions regarding Ilebaye’s alleged manipulative tactics. This revelation unfolded in the midst of a recent controversy surrounding the volume of their Afrobeat song, which had a seismic impact on the house. Neoenergy chimed in, validating Cross’ concerns and suggesting that Ilebaye had successfully provoked Whitemoney into a reaction.

The discussions with Neoenergy and Soma only served to intensify Cross’ conviction that Ilebaye was indeed orchestrating a manipulation game. In a separate private conversation, Cross openly expressed his disappointment in himself for allowing a 22-year-old to exert control over him. Doyin, sharing Cross’ sentiments, admitted that she too had fallen victim to Ilebaye’s manipulation, causing her to question her own judgment.

During a candid exchange with KimOprah, Doyin vented her frustration at Ilebaye’s behavior towards Whitemoney, suggesting that anyone would be infuriated by such antics. KimOprah, for her part, urged her fellow housemates to cease discussing Ilebaye and not to succumb to any victim-playing tactics.

Nonetheless, it was evident that Cross, Doyin, and Whitemoney had all been ensnared in Ilebaye’s alleged manipulations. Cross, in his conversation with KimOprah, couldn’t conceal his disappointment. He pondered how she would react if she were to discover that she had been deliberately manipulated. “You don’t know how it feels,” he remarked. When KimOprah pressed for further details, Cross chose to withhold the specifics, pledging to address the issue outside the house. He concluded by asserting that even if Ilebaye were to emerge victorious in the game, she would not escape the repercussions beyond the confines of the competition.

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