Soma and I Are Not compatible – Angel

Soma and 1 Are Not compatible – Angel

Angel, a prominent participant in Big Brother Naija All Stars, has explicitly stated that she perceives a lack of compatibility between herself and Soma, her purported romantic interest within the house. This declaration comes in the wake of Soma’s acknowledgment of their romantic involvement in response to inquiries posed by the show’s host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, during the live broadcast on Sunday.

Soma and Angel

However, in a conversation that unfolded on Monday, Angel shared her perspective with fellow housemate Ilebaye. During this dialogue, she disclosed a significant revelation – that she maintains a pre-existing romantic relationship outside the confines of the Big Brother house. This revelation sheds new light on her dynamics with Soma, hinting at a larger context that was previously unknown to the viewers.

Angel elaborated further, attributing the perceived romantic connection between herself and Soma to be largely grounded in sexual tension rather than authentic love. This insight underscores the complex interplay of emotions and desires within the high-pressure, isolated environment of the Big Brother house. Her candid revelation challenges the validity of the apparent romantic relationship that had been perceived by both housemates and viewers alike.

This narrative shift within Angel’s perspective on her relationship with Soma highlights the multifaceted nature of relationships formed in such an unconventional setting. The dynamics that unfold in the Big Brother house often blur the lines between genuine emotions and the intense environment, making it challenging to discern the authenticity of romantic connections. Angel’s forthright confession invites viewers to reevaluate the nature of the bond between her and Soma, underscoring the intricate complexities that can arise when emotions and reality intertwine within the context of a reality television show.

“I don’t think Soma and I are compatible, I think it’s the sexual tension that we’re mistaking for love.

“I have a whole BF outside and we don’t fight like this.”

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