See What the BBMzansi Housemates Think of Themselves

The Housemates began conversing about what they thought of each other when Biggie urged them to leave the House and go into the yard.

According to the Housemates, welcome to the Housemates Awards. Some categories had nominations, while others were cut and dried.

The Loudest Housemate

First place was obvious and the Housemates had to deliberate over second and third place.

  • Terry
  • Nthabii
  • Norman

The biggest flirt

The Housemates came up with only twin names for this category and the nominated Housemates laughed and mentioned how sad this was because they’re the only two who don’t actually get an action in the House.

  • Tulz
  • Sis Tamara

The most competitive

This was one of the categories where it was unanimous. Tulz admitted to being a competitor. but me times that this Housemate even puts his helmet on before Biggie reads out the rules in the Friday Night Games.

  • U

The vainest

Two Housemates were mentioned in this category and one of them is said to not be able to use a shower stall where there’s no mirror because he always wants to admire himself while showering.

  • Libo
  • Mpho

The worst temper

This was also a unanimous vote and no one else came up for nomination.

  • Themba

The kindest

Some of the Housemates tried to mom ate themselves in this category. Nale and Terry screamed “me” and everyone disagreed.

  • Yoli

The most optimistic

There was not much debate for this category and it came up because people were arguing that she is not the kindest but agreed that she’s the most optimistic and says things like, “guys, let’s just try and have fun.”

  • Nale

The biggest liar

Terry felt that this category could not be real because there are people watching who know them so she didn’t think that none of them are lying and Tulz pointed out that they don’t know what the audience is seeing.

  • Gash1
  • Thato

Who will most likely switch up?

The Housemates all agreed on one person and another name was thrown into the mix and the late entry definitely agreed. The first person who was nominated was shocked and he said he feels like the Housemates don’t know him.

  • U
  • Mpho

Who is most likely to have a spin-off after the show?

  • Sis Tamara
  • Tulz

Who is most like to go into presenting or acting 

  • Sis Tamara
  • Nale
  • Tulz
  • Libo
  • Mpho

Who is most likely to struggle with fame?

The Housemates felt like this person would struggle because she’s super calm and would probably end up running away if cornered for autographs and pictures.

  • Venus

There were some pretty heated takes, and it was fascinating to see the Housemates speak openly about how they saw each other rather than behind one other’s backs.

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