Mmeli and Ipeleng Had the First BBTitans Fight

Mmeli and Ipeleng share an intimate evening. Ipeleng is sitting alone in the garden. Mmeli had the privilege of occupying the HoH lounge after winning the first Head of House challenge. Biggie offered Mmeli the chance to share the lounge with a housemate, and Ipeleng was chosen as his deputy.

The evening began awkwardly as Ipeleng appeared uncomfortable and agitated, leaving the audience perplexed about their newfound connection. Many people complained on social media that she was neglecting things after spending all day preparing. Earlier in the day, the conflicted Ipeleng confided in Tsatsii about her apprehension about the night ahead. Could she be afraid of the developing friendship?

At the end of the evening, she seemed to have let her hair her down by having some fun, but social media wasn’t letting this go.

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