Kaniva Wins 2023 Big Brother Titans Week 3 Head of House Game

Kaniva Wins 2023 Big Brother Titans Week 3 Head of House Game

The head of house game for week three was won by Kanaga Jnr and Blue Aiva (Kaniva). Following the first double evictions they saw during yesterday’s live eviction show, housemates competed to avoid nominations in the head of house game, which got off to a strong start.

Blaqleng (Blaqboi and Ipeleng) were unable to play this week’s game because they are the current Head of House. There was tension as the housemates made their way to the arena to take part in the HoH game after two housemates (Sandra and Theo Traw) were eliminated during the Sunday live eviction show for the week.

There were two phases to today’s game. The partners had to play the game jointly during the first phase, which was called the “egg throw.” The housemates had to throw an egg for their partner to catch; if the egg broke, the pair was eliminated from the competition, and the game was over for them. The HoH game’s next stage was only open to the final two pairs still alive. This is how the housemates performed below;

  • Yelisa – Disqualified
  • Juvone – 1 Throw
  • Jouivla – 2 Throws
  • Royals – 2 Throws
  • Jenny li – 5 Throws
  • Maya – 6 Throws
  • Khosicle – 6 Throws
  • Thabana – 6 Throws
  • Jaykay – 7 Throws
  • Kaniva – 7 Throws

With the highest throws, Jaykay and Kaniva advanced to the HoH challenge final game. Big Brother set up a bowl of treats for each of the contending pairs in the final game. They had 60 seconds to transport the candies from point A to point B.

  • Kaniva – 6 sweets
  • Jaykay – 8 sweets

Jaykay was eliminated from the contest for violating the rules. Kaniva’s amazing performance earned them the title of head of house game winner. They have obtained immunity from nomination and exclusive access to the Big Brother lounge and its benefits by winning the HoH game this week. Best wishes to them.

Tail of the House

Yelisa and Yuvone had the worst performance in the HoH game and have earned the tail of the house title. Their punishment will be spelt out by Big Brother.

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