Kaniva ascend to the Head of House throne!

Kaniva ascend to the Head of House throne!

The Head of House Challenge on Monday night provided an opportunity for the pairs to rise up and grab a crown that provides them with lavish rewards while buffering them from the blows of the upcoming nominations.

After a whole day of reminiscing about Sunday night’s elimination, the housemates rapidly went from blues to rescuing themselves. Blue Aiva and Kanaga Jnr defeated the competition after two gruelling rounds and many dashed dreams.

Along with some comforts, the victory guarantees KANIVA a safe spot from Sunday night’s eviction. Not the same can be said for Blaqleng, who was excluded from taking part after reigning as last week’s Heads of House.

The Game

For the first round, the egg tosses were the trick. Both the partners played the role of thrower and the role of catcher. The thrower had to throw one egg at a time to their partner. The housemates only had one egg during the game.

To successfully complete the task, they needed to make sure they were standing behind the line at every level. They were not to lunge forward to catch the egg. Instead, they had to throw the egg toward their partner. Only eggs that were left intact were counted.

Biggie then prepared a bowl of sweets for the two pairs of finalists: Jaykay and Kaniva, who successfully completed the egg round. Working in pairs, the housemates had to move as many sweets as possible from point A to point B within a 60-second time frame. This part of the challenge also came with a number of rules.

The housemates were only allowed to use their mouths to move the sweets. They were not allowed to break any of the sweets. If one or both partners dropped a sweet, the pair would need to pick a fresh one and forfeit the broken one. They were not allowed to proceed if their partner’s mouth was not on the sweet. They were also not allowed to touch any of the sweets with their hands during the game.

After a tough showdown, Kaniva brought it home.

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