Chomzy Winner of Big Brother Naija 2022 Week 5 Head of House Game

The head of house game for today is divided into two sections. The first game’s top male and female housemates will advance to the second round. The winner of the second game will be declared the Head of House game winner. The first game will be played in two rounds. The first round will have exclusively female housemates, while the second round will feature only male housemates.

Housemates had to transfer 20 dunkwas from their bowl to the plate on the opposite side. Housemates who successfully transferred their 20 dunkwas from the bowl to the opposite plate were proclaimed the winners. They had one minute to finish the task.

Phyna, the tail of the house from last week’s head of game, failed to carry out her responsibilities as the tail of the house. Big Brother punished her by excluding her from today’s head of house game and retailing the tail of the house title for the week.

Week 5 Head of house Game

The ladies were the first to start today’s game. Here are the numbers of dunkwas each housemate moved from their bowl to the opposite plate.

Female Part 1 Result

  • Doyin – 9
  • Rachel – 9
  • Chichi – 9
  • Bella – 11
  • Daniella – 13
  • Diana – 5
  • Modella – 8
  • Chomzy – 13
  • Allyson – 7
  • Amaka – 6

Housemates were instructed not to carry more than one dunkwa at a time Daniella was disqualified for breaking the rule of the game by carrying more than one dunkwa at a time with her mouth. Chomzy and Bella moved 13 and 11 dunkwas each respectively and proceeded to the second game to face their male counterparts.

BBNaija Head of House Game 2 BBNaija Head of House Game 2

The guys were next to take the stands. The number of dunkwas each housemate moved from the bowl to their plate in the opposite end is listed below;

Male Part 1 Result

  • Dotun – 12
  • Chizzy – 9
  • Groovy – 11
  • Bryann – 16
  • Adekunle – 11
  • Giddyfia – 15
  • Deji – 14
  • Sheggz – 13
  • Hermes – 12

All the male housemates broke the rule of the game and were all disqualified from participating in the next round of the head of house game.

Part 2 of the Head of House game

Chomzy and Bella proceeded to the next round. The housemates were required to create an exact colour combination of a candy stick placed before them. Housemate who completes the task within 5 minute was to be declared winner. Bella failed to get the correct colour combination. Chomzy was declared winner of today’s Head of House Game.


As head of House, she is immune to nomination. She will also occupy the Head of House bedroom. She picked Eloswag to occupy the head of house bedroom with her. By picking Eloswag, he will also be immune from nomination this week.

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