BBTitans Mmeli Breaks His Silence on Nelisa

On Day 13, Nelisa confessed her emotions for Mmeli, and they had an intimate session after the Saturday night party. Mmeli avoided speaking with Nelisa after that encounter.

His actions irritated Big Brother Titans housemate Yaya, whom he regards as an older sister, and they had a conversation in which she told him to stop avoiding Nelisa and write down his wrongs.

While in the garden, he admitted to being closed off and explained that his actions were motivated by how their encounter affected his connection with Sandra, the now-evicted housemate he liked. Mmeli had the impression that Nelisa was rubbing it in Sandra’s face, which Nelisa denied.

They’made a stupid decision,’ according to Mmeli. While he has no regrets about their meeting, he does feel some remorse because of his connection with Thabang, who has shared countless moments with Nelisa. Sandra also avoided talking to Mmeli before her eviction, which wounded him.

Mmeli later apologized for the emotional rollercoaster and for neglecting Nelisa. He is open to facing the consequences of his actions and encourages Nelisa not to refrain from speaking to him freely, even though he is not interested in being in a ship with her.

Nelisa, on the other hand, is open to being his friend as she believes ships may affect their game plan. She has no regrets but feels terrible because she likes Thabang too.

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