BBTitans 2023 Week 3 Diary Session

Following yesterday’s nomination session, the pairs up for eviction on Sunday spoke with Biggie about the Head of House challenge, the new Heads of House reign, and nominations.

Each duo had to guess who nominated them, and their replies were interesting. Here’s what each pair had to say about it:


While it feels scary for Thabang, Nana’s partner, to be up for eviction for the first time. Nana is taking it well and believes Yelisa possibly nominated them because of Thabang’s relationship with Khosi and his recent misunderstanding with Nelisa.


The Maya pair feel like they ‘were thrown under the bus’ as they were not initially nominated, however, due to the Heads of house use of their veto power. They saved Yelisa, and now Maya has to face eviction woes. Marvin said he felt hurt and betrayed as he believed he shared a special bond with the HoHs, especially Kanaga Jr.


Jaypee and Lukay think most pairs nominated them because they are the closest pair, and most housemates see them as a threat. Lukay also mentioned Yelisa, as they are the only pair with whom they don’t share a close bond.


Like Jaykay, the Khosicle pair believes many pairs nominated them as they always make it to the top three in the Head of House games. However, if Khosi had to mention three pairs, she believes Jenni Li, Juiovla, and Juvone nominated them.


Last week’s Heads of House, Blaqleng, mentioned Juiovla as the first pair they think nominated them because they put them up the previous week. Additionally, they said Juvone because of their friendship with Juiovla, Nelisa, and Maya because Marvin could not look at Blaqboi after he walked out of the diary room.

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