BBMzansi Housemates Prepare for their Sixth Wager Task

The BBMzansi Housemates are scrambling to finish the essential aspects of their presentation, which is making things a little wobbly. The Housemates have been coordinating on all the moving elements of their Wager to ensure they win this time around after Waging 100% for their presentation.

Although some aspects of their performance are rather refreshing, such as the choreographed marching and the catchy anthem, they aren’t enough to instill trust in their performance or final delivery. During his Diary Session with Big Brother, Tulz claims to have made 10% progress since the previous time he spoke with Biggie. He believes the Housemates are now 60 percent prepared for their presentation, but is this the time to be unsure when time is flying by?

With only a few hours to go, Tulz confronted the Housemates about the strange energies he’s been picking up around the House and how cranky he’s been all day. He blames it on being on the edge, yet he regrets his actions. During his talk to the House, he stated that he believes the Housemates must put aside their differences in order to work together. He believes that some Housemates are sabotaging the presentation, making it difficult to assure the House’s joint effort.

The tension surrounding the presentation is palpable, and if the Housemates can have a food fight over their luxury shopping list, we can only imagine what’s going on with the fundamentals. Food battles will always exist, and with the 02:00 squad raiding the kitchen, things can only get tenser as food becomes scarce. Now that the presentation is approaching, we hope they can find a way to collaborate.

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