BBMzansi 2022 Housemates Win Their Third Wager Task

It seemed only right that this week’s Wager Task be a celebration of heritage in the #BBMzansi House.

The Housemates had to imitate and change various aspects of South African heritage to fit into their narrative.

They created a Coat of Arms, a flag, a national animal, a national bird, and a national flower.

Coat of Arms

  • Boots – to keep walking their journey no matter how tough it gets.
  • Tattoo machine – this is for self-expression creativity and a commitment to not conforming.
  • The video camera – to record and bring to reality their dreams.
  • The steering wheel – to drive them to success.
  • The microphone – this is to help them in finding their voice.
  • The candle – this signifies hope and lights the way for them.
  • Netball – this is to encourage and show teamwork.
  • On-air sign – to enable them to have a bold voice.
  • Camera- Lights, camera, action – taking centre stage in your life.
  • Weights – keeping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying fit.
  • Makeup brush – embracing the beauty inside everyone.

The flag

It represents their characters in the House. The mountains signify their journey and the ups and downs that they have gone through. The colour blue on the flag signifies the tears that they’ve shared in the House and also represents Shower Hour.

The national bird

They chose a flamingo. It can adapt to any environment. The feathers turn bright pink when they’re are properly nourished. Their flamingo was wearing shoes to symbolise the new paths that are about to open up for them.

The national animal

They chose an an owl because it’s a wise old soul, whose presence is felt and it also has a  rotating head so it hears and sees everything like Big Brother. Big Brother chose them in the dark times and when they felt that the world had forgotten them.

The national flower

They chose a Sunflower. It signified their bright futures, it’s a flower that speaks to friendship and the relationships that will blossom inside and outside of the House.

The anthem

The anthem signified their diverse personalities, it was rooted in their beliefs and in themselves. It was the anthem of success.

Biggie asked Tulz why he thought they should win, and Tulz answered that even though the mood was low, they were able to put their differences aside and do what needed to be done.

They certainly did, as evidenced by their third Wager Task victory. Housemates, congratulations!

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