BBMzansi 2022 Housemates and their Dance Moves

There are certain types of dancers you always encounter into at every dance floor, no matter where you go to show off your moves.

The solo dancer

Even if there is literally no one else on the dance floor, this person will joyfully dance the night away, and they are fantastic at it. This individual reminds us of Housemate Nale, who will gladly stand out from the crowd and do her own spontaneous dance moves. There’s no stopping Nale once she’s caught the dance bug.

The ladies group

These females don’t have to be friends, but they’ll put each other in their place at any time. Randomly, a twerk competition will be held, and each lady will try to outdo the other. Nthabii, Thato, Venus, and Mphowabadimo are the most likely candidates.

The brilliant guy dancer/s

This person may appear to be a little too wacky at first, since he or she enjoys joking around and laughing. When this person steps onto the dance floor, all eyes are on them. Norman, an evicted Big Brother Mzansi housemate, is this dancer. Until the DJ drops a beat, Norman is surprisingly underappreciated.

The ‘this is my song’ dancer

This person knows every song’s lyrics and will exclaim, “This is my song!” at various times throughout the night. You’ve probably figured out who this Big Brother Mzansi houseguest is. Terry is the guy in question.

You’ll see at least two of these types of dancers at every part, if not all of them.

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